The Italian style of the real espresso coffee.

Caffè Haiti Roma, a historic brand that makes a difference in the world of coffee.

The company
“Mister Espresso” brand was born within Caffè Haiti Roma, the historic roasting company based in Rome that leads the market of espresso coffee for bars, in Rome and outside.The nice “Coffee Man”, in fact, is linked to the person of Azeglio, the roasting company's founder, who since 1950 has led with passion and perseverance the ever-growing company.

The mission
Bringing inside bars a “delight in the cup” with an excellent espresso, that makes tasting a unique experience, is the mission that from the very beginning has accompanied Caffè Haiti Roma.

Keepers of a unique experience
With the passing of time, Azeglio's untiring efforts in search of Quality, handed down to the succeeding generations, has developed into a real corporate philosophy, a unique heritage of knowledge. This is the reason why still today we obtain our superior coffee blends through a strictly artisanal roasting process, consistent with our origins.

The certified quality
As a coronation to our Company’s long business history in the field of quality research, our roasting company is among the first roasting companies in Italy to have obtained the triple recognition as “Company with integrated DQS Certification”, which includes Certification of the Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001, of the Environment Management System EN ISO 14001, and of the Management System for Health and Safety at the Workplace OH SAS 18001.

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